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Date and Place: 5 October 2017, Tbilisi


  • Teacher-way-round and Learner-way-round
  • Gametime

Trainer: Daniela Clarke

Training Abstract

New ideas for the new academic year

5th October 2017

Session 1

Teacher-way-round and Learner-way-round

In this session we will look at two angles: teaching from the perspective of a teacher, and learning from the perspective of a learner. We'll look at techniques and activities that help teachers hold the learners' attention and keep their motivation high, and what helps and hinders learning. You'll try out a variety of activities and consider ways in which you can start the new school year on the right foot.

Session 2


In this workshop we will look at ways to exploit games in the ELT classroom. The games demonstrated in the workshop are versatile, and can be used in teaching both language and skills for all levels and abilities, with a view to making learning not just more fun, but also more productive.

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