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Training Description

Date and Place:

  • 1 April, 2017 – Batumi
  • 2 April 2017 – Tbilisi


  • Tuning in the teenage audience with authenticity
  • Find your way of teaching with technology

Trainers: Philip Warwick and Marek Jędryka

Training Abstract

Pearson ELT Training

1-2 April, 2017

Tuning in the teenage audience with authenticity

Twenty-first century learners tend to dwell in a digital world filled with fantasy figures and social media. Little time is spent on developing soft skills and students that have been bombarded with knowledge through the technological platforms that they interact with are less than receptive to tired traditional teaching practices.

When presented with these challenges it’s tempting for teachers to try to embrace the new digital mediums and use them as enables to help students interest and engagement but without a solid base on real skills this. can be a waste. Showing the students what’s expected of them in terms of target language and how, what they’re learning can be applied directly to authentic communication can still be more of a motivator

In this session we’ll look at how exposing students to language in an authentic context with communicative goals that they can readily identify with can be just the sort of stimulus to kick-start the language learning process.


Find your own way of teaching with technology

Wondering how to place your students at the right level in a most time- and cost-effective way? Or maybe you’ve already done so and are now facing the challenge of managing homework day in day out? Whatever moment of the teaching process you’re at now, there’s technology to help you make the most of your teaching time! In the session we will be discussing the hottest teaching topics of these days, including turning students’ mobile devices into learning apps, managing homework to inform teaching, measuring progress effectively and providing objective and formative assessment to help personalize learning. That’s to name just a few. Come to see more!

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