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Using TOEFL® ITP for your students today can help you shape their tomorrow

Introducing the new addition to the TOEFL® Family of Assessments

Put the power of the TOEFL® test to work in your classroom today with TOEFL® ITP

You can inspire and lead your students to success.

The TOEFL® ITP Assessment Series gives you powerful tools to do it:

  • Designed to meet your testing needs and preferences
  • The TOEFL ITP tests share the same rich heritage as the TOEFL® test — the world’s most widely accepted and respected English language test. TOEFL ITP is an on-site solution that enables colleges and universities, English language programs and agencies to administer a convenient, affordable and reliable assessment based on previously administered TOEFL test questions.
  • Great for placement, monitoring progress and more
  • The TOEFL ITP tests are used globally to place students in English language programs, to measure progress, for exit assessments and as a screening tool for study abroad and scholarship programs.
  • Convenient, flexible and reliable
  • By administering the test on-site yourself, you control when you want to test, the group size and how often to test. With multiple and various test forms, you can administer the tests all year round and an instruction manual is provided to help guide you through the easy-to-follow test administration and scoring process.
  • Mapped to the CEFR on A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels
  • A mapping study identified the minimum TOEFL ITP Level 1 test scores corresponding to four levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • Award your students a certificate they can be proud of
  • TOEFL ITP awards three levels of certificates as proof of achievement of English language proficiency. Each level corresponds to a CEFR level: B1 (Bronze certificate), B2 (Silver certificate) and C1 (Gold certificate).
  • Gives you confidence with a proven track record of success
  • As the world’s leading on-site testing program, the TOEFL ITP assessments are relied upon by more than 2,500 institutions in 47 countries with 600,000+ tests administered annually.
  • Offers reasonably priced options at any quantity
  • The TOEFL ITP assessments are affordably priced at any quantity. Institutions have the option to purchase different quantities of the tests based on specific needs.

Why TOEFL® ITP is the best choice for your students’ future.

To assess where your students are today and chart the best path for their tomorrow, you want a test you can rely on with complete confidence. Because the TOEFL® ITP assessments use previously administered TOEFL® test forms, you can be sure you are using a test considered the global standard for measuring English language proficiency in an academic context.

The TOEFL ITP tests have three sections, each one measuring a different skill:

  • Listening Comprehension: measures the ability to understand spoken English as it is used in colleges and universities.
  • Structure and Written Expression: measures recognition of selected structural and grammatical points in standard written English.
  • Reading Comprehension: measures the ability to read and understand academic reading material.

Here’s a snapshot of the two levels of the TOEFL ITP Assessments:

Level 1 (intermediate to advanced): 2 hours

Section Number of Questions Admin. Time Score Scale
Listening Comprehension 50 35 minutes 31 – 68
Structure and Written Expression 40 25 minutes 31 – 68
Reading Comprehension 50 55 minutes 31 - 67
Total 140 115 minutes 310 – 677

Level 2 (high beginning to intermediate): 1 hour and 10 minutes

Section Number of Questions Admin. Time Score Scale
Listening Comprehension 30 22 minutes 20 – 50
Structure and Written Expression 25 17 minutes 20 – 50
Reading Comprehension 40 31 minutes 20 – 50
Total 95 70 minutes 200 - 500

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