Macmillan Young Learners Conference

Date and place: 22-23 November 2013, Tbilisi

Teresa Doguelli-Plenary: Providing Students with Life Skills for the 21st Century and Beyond

Workshop: Developing Emotional Intelligence at school

      Carol Read-Plenary: Creating Conditions for Positive Learning

      Workshop: Developing Intercultural Competence with Children

Nina Lauder-Plenary: Beginnings and Endings

Workshop: Making Grammar More Enjoyable

Maura O’Brien-Plenary: The Home-School Connection

Workshop: Effective Pair and Group Work in the EFL classroom

Jim Scrivener-Workshop: The Underknown Secrets of Classroom Management

Philip Kerr-Workshop: Do-it-yourself (DIY) vocabulary practice

Nick Goode-Workshop: Engaging students with Readers