From Shakespeare to Dickens

Shakespeare and Dickens: the Greatest Masters of the English Language and Invention of Character

31st March 2012, Tbilisi

Luke Prodromou-The Power of Idiomaticity in English as a Lingua Franca

Mikheil Gurgenidze-Macmillan Online Dictionary-Presentation

David Gibson-Shakespeare’s Language and the EFL Student

Film ‘Great Expectations’

David Gibson and Luke Prodromou-Discussion of the film in two groups

         1st April 2012, Tbilisi

         Luke Prodromou-Shakespeare’s Unruly Women

Presentations in groups

  • Class Dialects in Dickens’s Works
  • Dickens’s Writing Style
  • Symbolism in Dickens’s Works
  • Satire in Dickens’s Works

David Gibson and Luke Prodromou-Theatrical Show to include Dickens’s Scrooge; Original Satirical Sketches