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About Macmillan Education

Macmillan Education has 170 years’ experience as a publisher and has built up a reputation for quality that has enabled their team to build lasting relationships with Ministries of Education, teachers and educators around the world.

Macmillan Education, together with English Book in Georgia and Unique Learning, have invested large amounts of resources in supporting the Georgian English language teachers since Macmillan textbooks were first approved by the Ministry of Education and Science in Georgia in 2011. Macmillan Education has invested in the following key areas in Georgia:

  • Teacher Training – Extensive training carried out on a national level in support of both training Georgian English teachers how to use materials and also modern best practices
  • Additional resource support provided for teachers – Comprehensive on-going support for all Georgian English language teachers including the Home School Connect project which was an initiative to better involve parents in their children’s English studies. As part of this project Macmillan Education made these materials available fully translated into the Georgian language
  • Classroom Observations ­– Annual classroom observations on a national level to ensure that both publishing and the teacher training that Macmillan Education offer are aligned to the local requirements of Georgia
  • English Language Teaching Conferences – Annual calendar of conferences around Georgia in cities amongst others: Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Akhaltsikhe, Gori, Zugdidi, Lanchkhuti, Sagarejo, Marneuli, Rustavi and Telavi. Presenters are world renowned authorities on the subject of English language teaching.

Macmillan Education is still investing a lot in the above-mentioned areas and in partnership with English Book in Georgia and Unique Learning, they have planned 2017 activities.